Robin Sue in the News:

May 3 , 2012 – National Building Museum Spotlights Tucson Home
by Carli Brosseau, Arizona Daily Star

(Tucson, AZ) – The National Building Museum is featuring a Ventana Canyon House built by Tucson architect Rick Joy in its most recent long-term exhibition. The house, at 6620 N. Eagle Ridge, is now for sale, listed at $5.2 million, according to the website of Robin Sue Kaiserman, the Long Realty real estate agent representing the sellers.
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May 2 , 2012 – Local Home and Architect Featured in National Building Exhibition

(Tucson, AZ) – Long Realty’s Robin Sue Kaiserman recently announced that the Ventana Canyon House was selected by the National Building Museum to be in its House and Home Exhibition in Washington, D.C.
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April 19, 2012 -Being Particular Pays Off
Robin Sue Kaiserman receives Barrington Long Lifetime Achievement Award

(Tucson, AZ) – Robin Sue Kaiserman was recently bestowed the Barrington L. Long Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding service and impact on real estate in the community.
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June 16 , 2008 – Success in bad times; Robin Sue Kaiserman is picky about homes, clients
by Ed Egger

In 23 years in the residential real estate business,Robin Sue Kaiserman has had a lot of good years. But 2007 was the best year ever.
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$4.2 million home sale sets local Realtors record
by Joseph Barrios

The most expensive home ever sold through the Tucson Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service – a European style Villa complete with a 3,327 square foot airplance hangar – changed hands last week for $4.2 million. The house was bought by Robert Beaudry, presidnet of Beuadry RV….. >>read full article

January 30 , 2007 – Realtors home sales data – one way to see who’s on top
by Joseph Barrios

A new year brings a new set of “rankings” from the Tucson Association of Realtors Multiple Listings Service. …Despite a slower market in 2006, Kaiserman had her best year, with more than $59 million in buyer and seller listings in the MLS….. >>read full article

February 8, 2005 – 2 reach home sales mark of $50 million
by Joseph Barrios

You’d think being at the top of their game would bring more enthusiastic responses from Robin Sue Kaiserman and Russell P. Long, both of whom made record home sales in 2004 of approximately $50 million. Kaiserman, something of a celebrity in the business, was tops in sales for nine years, according to Tucson Association of Realtors’ Multiple Listing Service data….. >>read full article

February 24, 2002 –Top Realtor gets inside heart, mind of the client
by Macario Juarez Jr.

She doesn’t sell houses she thinks are overpriced or won’t hold their value. She doesn’t tell clients only what they want to hear. She doesn’t impose herself on people just to get their business. It’s what she doesn’t do – as much as what she does do – that has made Robin Sue Kaiserman the area’s top-grossing real estate agent for nine years running. Last year alone, she sold…. >>read full article

January 23, 2000 – Kaiserman No. 1 again with $32 million in home sales
by Macario Juarez Jr.

It’s really hard to imagine any one real estate agent being the top seller, year after year, in one of the Southwest’s hottest housing markets. But Robin Sue Kaiserman did it again in 1999, becoming Tucson’s top seller for the seventh straight year with $32.1 million in sales. It’s the first time an agent has hit the $30 million sales mark….>>read full article

January 16, 1999 – Kaiserman 1st in home sales for 6th time
by Ernie Heltsley

For the sixth straight year, Robin Sue Kaiserman is Tucson’s top-selling residential agent, with 1998 sales of nearly $24 million. Kaiserman, who moved from another company last year to Long Realty’s Foothills Office at North Swan and Sunrise, attributed her continued success to being in “such a strong office.” ….>>read full article

January 15, 1998 – Long Realty’s Kaiserman is tops again
by Ernie Heltsley

Robin Sue Kaiserman is the top-selling Tucson real estate agent for the fifth year in a row, with more than $19 million in sales last year. Kaiserman won despite moving to Long Realty in the waning days of 1996 from Coldwell Banker Success Realty, where she was the leading seller of houses for seven years in a row. Also notable is that Long Realty agents took the top five spots of the top 10 selling agents in the city, according to the Tucson Association of Realtors’ Multiple Listing Service figures…..>>read full article

February 12, 1995 – No. 1 home seller finds being ‘picky’ pays; R. Kaiserman succeeds with quality listings
by Ernie Heltsley

Robin Sue Kaiserman has the luxury of demanding “quality, not quantity” and still coming out as the No. 1 home seller in Tucson. She says she’s not a hard driving businesswoman, but she persuades a lot of people to make the investments of their lives with her. Kaiserman grossed $14.5 million in house sales….>>read full article

What Clients say about Robin Sue…

“Dear Robin Sue,
This is to express our appreciation for your work as our seller’s real estate agent. We were especially pleased with your excellent communication skills. From our initial meeting to house sale closing, you explained transactions clearly, answered our many questions and concerns, and maintained consistent contact, using phone calls, text messages, visits. emails, and hand-delivered documents. You provided specific information about pricing our house, the Tucson market, and potential buyers’ pool. We knew before committing to your representation, the whys of pricing our house, marketing, and realtors’ commissions, and appraisal and home inspection strategies. As you know, we also were impressed with you as a seller’s agent when we bought the Tucson property.
Thank you for helping us to prepare the house and deal with various issues that arose (e.g., driveway, roof, paint colors, pool heater, tree trimming, and more). You obviously worked diligently to market our home, thank you! We appreciated the various tasks and assistance provided by Betty Reaves. She ably extended the positive enthusiasm you had for our house.
You handled our requests and questions with directness, humor, and professionalism that is uniquely Robin Sue Kaiserman. Please add us to your long and ever-growing list of satisfied clients.”
– Susan and David McClinton 1/28/20

“This is the second home Robin has sold for us in Tucson. She is the ultimate professional when it comes to selling real estate. But, besides being excellent at her line of business, she is a wonderful person. We became friends with the last sale and we would highly recommend her to anyone who wants the very best care and attention at what can be a stressful and emotional time. Our sale and closing happened quickly and now that it’s behind us, we will truly miss her.”
– Susan B Trustee Picklin 12/28/19

“Robin Sue made the process easy. In fact, without her the deal may never have happened. She’s not just a great agent, she’s a great person.”
– Merrill & Kelly Windsor 10/01/19

“Robin Sue Kaiserman is THE BEST real estate agent in Tucson. She is honest and works extremely hard for her clients. In the past twenty years, I have bought/sold numerous homes with Robin in Tucson, and every transaction was conducted with extreme professionalism and efficiency. She knows the inventory, and within a very short period of time, can show you EXACTLY what you are interested in. As a listing agent, she gives you important input in order for your home to sell. You may sometimes not agree or consider her suggestions, but her 20 year distinguished career is proof that she is usually right! Robin Sue is the best … a thousand times better than all the rest !”
– Larry Petty 08-30-19

“My agent Robin Kaiserman and her Assistant, Betty Reeves, were both exceedingly professional, easy to work with and highly efficient and time sensitive. Robin managed involved negotiations and challenging client situations superbly. As I work with her more I continue to be impressed with her honesty, business ethics, process knowledge and detail orientation, In an industry that is populated with a lot of “poor” performers she is a unique and rare professional.”
– Lew Sugerman 02/19/19

“Sold my house in just over a month. Was incredibly knowledgeable and professional. Didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear, but always told the truth. Very glad I hired her.”
– Ellen Bublick 01/30/2019

“This is our second time working with Ms. Robin Sue. She was terrific. Always responsive to questions and requests. Was honest with opinions and suggestions. Robin’s the bomb!”
– David and Valerie Pietz 12/21/18

“Robin Sue Kaiserman was the best. She was attentive, was in communication, and kept me up to date, She was always on top of details and moved things along. I could not have asked for a better agent.”
– Alan Bedrick 05/05/18

“Robin Sue made a complicated process much more bearable. She helped me fill out the required questionnaire. In addition, she managed all the vendors needed to prepare our house to sell. She hooked us up with a great staging company. The house sold at the first open house. I love Robin Sue.”
– Bob Gonzales 05/06/18

“Selling a house is always difficult, but it is even more difficult when you are selling your parents’ house from thousands of miles away. Robin Sue Kaiserman made it all so easy. From staging the house to arranging for repairs and maintenance that kept the house looking great the entire time it was on the market, to walking me through closing documents that were handled via electronic signature and UPS, my dad and I quite simply could not have done it without her. If you have a house to sell and need someone who goes the extra mile, call Robin Sue Kaiserman: She’ll get the job done and bring peace of mind to the process.”
– Angela Hattery 11/08/17

“Robin Sue Kaiserman in our opinion is the best residential agent in Tucson. She knows the market extremely well and used every resource and marketing tactic available to her in trying to get our home sold. We faced a few challenges along the way but Robin always remained focused on-our common objective of selling our home. We would definitely use Robin again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.”
– Randall E. 10/06/17

“Robin, Thanks for all of your advice and patience in getting our Paloma Ridge home sold. I realize that at times we weren’t the easiest seller but I’m also pretty sure that you’ve had many more difficult to deal with than us. Part of the reason that we chose to use you is that you are very direct in your opinion instead of simply telling a client what they want to hear. That prevents a lot of wasted time or unrealistic expectations. Your opinion of value was exactly correct and we certainly appreciate your participation in getting the price to where it needed to be for this seller. It’s a great relief to Bonnie and me to get this home sold even if at a loss. Now we can move on and worry about other things.”
– Regards, Randy Emerson 10/4/17

Dear Robin Sue:

In 2004, you helped Leslie and I find and buy a beautiful house in Ventana Canyon. Now, seven years later, I want to thank you for helping us sell that same home for a solid price in a tough market. There are clearly a lot more sellers than buyers in our price range these days, and I’m confident your advice about how to stage our home for showing was an important factor in attracting our buyer. Everything you did to help sell our home seemed to work perfectly.

I wasn’t even surprised that our buyer was also one of your clients. I know that your list of contacts is long and that your reputation generates lots of referrals. I appreciate that representing a buyer and seller in the same transaction puts a lot of pressure on you to be sure that you treat both parties equally and fairly. I want you to know that Leslie and I were both completely satisfied with all of the details and arrangements involved with the transaction, and I expect the buyer felt exactly the same way. You are a trustworthy professional.

Thank you again for your excellent work on our behalf. You have my highest recommendation, anytime you need it.


Dale Kunkel, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication
University of Arizona

“Robin Sue knows the market, knows her craft, and knows her clients.  If it can be done, she’ll make it happen.”

Lawrence Ponoroff and Monica Ponoroff
Dean, College of  Law
University of Arizona